Swåp – du da

Swåp - du da
Track List
  1. Dalpilen (Ola Bäckström)
  2. Fattig Änka/Fattig Anka (Poor Widow/Poor Duck) (Trad. arr. Swåp/Karen Tweed)
  3. Ian's Jävla Jig/Ian's Jävla Polska (Ian Carr)
  4. Blind Mattis Leken (Trad. arr. Swåp)
  5. Midsommarvisa/(Jag Vill Ha) Olas Nye House (I Want) Ola's New House) (Trad. arr. Swåp/Ian Carr)
  6. Kronbron (Crown Bridge) (Carina Normansson)
  7. Mäster Åslund (Ola Bäckström)
  8. Så Rider Jag Mej (I Rode) (Trad. arr. Swåp)
  9. Brudpolska Från Orsa Efter Minu Per (Bridal Polska from Orsa After Minu Per (Music- Trad. arr. Swåp, words- Carina Normannson)
  10. Ore Polska (Trad. arr. Swåp)
  11. Se På TV (Watch TV) (Music- Ola Bäckström, Words- Carina Normannson)
  12. Perrong Plask (Platform Splash) (Carina Normansson)

This was the fourth and ultimately final studio recording by the Nordic/Celtic quartet that brought elements of traditional music of Sweden and Ireland together to create a unique "swåp." Filled with catchy tunes and virtuosic playing, a mix of original and traditional compositions cleverly arranged for two fiddles, accordion, guitar and voice, "du da" perfectly summarizes what made this quartet so special, and a favorite with live audiences for years. Recorded in Sweden in 2005.

Personnel: Ola Bäckström (fiddle), Ian Carr (guitar), Carina Normansson (Fiddle, vocals), Karen Tweed (Piano Accordion)