Hurdy-Gurdy – Prototyp

Hurdy-Gurdy - prototyp
Track List
  1. Delirium (Brisland-Ferner)
  2. Skällstyggen (Trad.)
  3. Galgen (Brisland-Ferner)
  4. Tok Jöns (Trad.)
  5. Ynglinen (Trad.)
  6. Attmar (Trad.)
  7. Bleking (Trad.)
  8. Oxberg (Trad.)
  9. Hönspolka (Mattsson)
  10. Frost Mats (Trad.)
  11. Luder Anders/Skuren (Trad./Brisland-Ferner)
  12. Venjan (Trad.)

Two mad musical scientists, Stefan Brisland-Ferner (Garmarna) and Hållbus Totte Mattsson (Hedningarna), bring their Swedish-built hurdy-gurdies into the lab and recording studio, and explore just how many sounds can be created by this "medieval synthesizer." Through cranking, string-bending, keying, hitting, sampling, and electronically modifying all sounds from their hurdy-gurdies, they create a full range of musical sounds. With one foot in traditional Swedish folk music, and another in EDM, the result is like nothing you've heard before (or are likely to hear again). Mostly traditional folk tunes (polska!) with a few originals, recorded in Sweden in 2005.