Halloween, Alaska – Too Tall To Hide

Halloween, Alaska - Too Tall
Track List
  1. A New Stain
  2. Drowned
  3. The Light Bulb Does
  4. I Can't Live Without My Radio
  5. You and Me Both
  6. Bad News Sticks
  7. Forever
  8. Receiving Line
  9. Glide

The second release from this Twin Cities-based quartet maintains the lush atmosphere of their well-received debut, but also reveals sharper edges and more passionate outbursts. This time around, the groups moody ambient pop comes with a side-order of electroshock therapy.

Vocalist James Diers' soothing melodies continue to belie the dark and sometimes disturbing lyrical threads;  eerie, espansive bass lines by Matt Friesen are simultaneously inviting and unsettling;  drummer David King (The Bad Plus, Happy Apple) directs his near-nuclear rhythmic energy into impossible fills and playful acoustic/electronic counterpoint; and all the while keyboardist and sound architect Ev provides the glue, building an evocative palette of sounds and laptop manipulations.

Too Tall to Hide further establishes the eclectic, sensuous sound that is Halloween, Alaska.  It's restless,  seductive,  a little scary,  and well worth the attention.  In fact,  play that again, would you?