Halloween, Alaska – Halloween, Alaska

Track List
  1. You're It
  2. All the Arms Around You
  3. Des Moines
  4. Call It Clear
  5. Halloween
  6. The Four Corners
  7. State Trooper
  8. Telling Me
  9. All The Arms Around You (VIC 20 Remix)
  10. Telling Me (Acoustic Demo)
  11. Warning Track (Varsity Mix)

The debut album by the electronic pop band from Minneapolis. Halloween, Alaska brings together four established "indy" musicians, who create lush, moody pop music with a touch of jazz and innovation.

Two songs from this recording have been featured on FOX TV's "The O.C."

"Damn near everyone with a set of ears will find something inspiring in the deep grooves and airy spaces of the album's eight hypnotic tracks." -Pulse of the Twin Cities