Aly Bain & Ale Möller – Fully Rigged

Aly Bain & Ale Möller - Fully Rigged
Track List
  1. Woo'd an' Marrit an' A' • Doon da Rooth
  2. Peerie Joel's Waltz
  3. Auld Swaara • Up da Stroods da Sailor Goes
  4. Spread Thy Wide Wings (Bred Dina Vida Vingar)
  5. Crying Waltz (Gratvalsen)
  6. King Karl's Marsch (King Karl's March) / Djavulspolska (Devil's Polsk)
  7. O'Farrel's Welcome to Limerick
  8. If I Get a Bonnie Lass / Jeannie Shoke da Bairn / Oo't be Est da Vong
  9. Lady Mary Ramsay / Mary Ramsay
  10. But Your Hoose an Ben Your Hoose / Da Black an da Broon
  11. Da Slockit Light
  12. Hauchdon House / Heave an' Go / Da Cross Reel
  13. Hector the Hero
  14. Da Broon Coo (The Brown Cow)

The Shetland Islands are situated in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway. Originally settled by Norwegian farmers and the Vikings in the 9th century, the old music of the Shetlands displays the islands' Nordic lineage. While many associate the Shetland and Orkney Islands with Scotland and the Celtic culture, the music of this project reveals the real depth of its Norse heritage.

  • Aly Bain is one of the best-known fiddlers in the Celtic tradition as a founding member of Boys of the Lough. Born in Shetland, he has played and recorded with the Boys for over 30 years.
  • Ale Möller, from Sweden, is a leader in the Nordic roots revival. Master of many instruments, he is an important element in the music of Frifot and the Nordan Project.

This long awaited Aly/Ale release from NorthSide was inspired by a surprise performance at Nordic Roots Festival 2000. Fully Rigged is where two traditional music virtuosos named Aly/e collide together and knock your socks off with their mastery of instruments and tunes, bringing Celtic and Nordic musics together for an exciting voyage.