Aly Bain & Ale Möller – Beyond The Stacks

Aly Bain & Ale Möller - Beyond the Stacks
Track List
  1. Woo'd an' Marrit an' A' • Doon da Rooth
  2. Peerie Joel's Waltz
  3. Auld Swaara • Up da Stroods da Sailor Goes
  4. Spread Thy Wide Wings (Bred Dina Vida Vingar)
  5. Crying Waltz (Gratvalsen)
  6. King Karl's Marsch (King Karl's March) / Djavulspolska (Devil's Polsk)
  7. O'Farrel's Welcome to Limerick
  8. If I Get a Bonnie Lass / Jeannie Shoke da Bairn / Oo't be Est da Vong
  9. Lady Mary Ramsay / Mary Ramsay
  10. But Your Hoose an Ben Your Hoose / Da Black an da Broon
  11. Da Slockit Light
  12. Hauchdon House / Heave an' Go / Da Cross Reel
  13. Hector the Hero
  14. Da Broon Coo (The Brown Cow)

Scottish fiddle master Aly Bain and Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Möller have been exploring the Nordic roots of Scottish music together for over ten years, and "Beyond the Stacks" is the second collection of tunes from this collaboration. Exquisitely recorded and performed, these mostly fiddle/mandola duets are a culmination of Bain's extensive research into the Scandinavian history behind so much of the traditional music of his native Shetland Islands, and Möller's creative arrangements. Like a conversation between two old friends, the playing here is assured, comfortable and playful. Bain's trademark lyrical tone is framed lovingly by Möller's sparkling energy. With these two seasoned virtuosos, "Beyond the Stacks" is an imminently pleasurable listening experience.